The Answer to: “Do Penis Extenders Even Work?”

Written by Masa Ching

“Do penis extenders actually operate as intended??”

In this informative article we put this question to rest with both graphics and numbers.

By the end you will have little doubt that they do work and aren’t a fly-by scam.

Let us get right into it.

Well do they? The Fast, Yet Indisputable Answer.


If you truly desire to improve dick size with a penis extender, then use it correctly and you will get size.

That’s not to imply that it is a complete walk in the park.

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline.

But if you can find the discipline within yourself, you will reap the benefits, that I assure you.

Here’s the Real Proof, Easy and Simple

Most of us in the PE community would agree that you could gain .7 inches in 24 weeks when using a penis extender.

That’s pretty good, huh?

This has been analyzed and established in China, Russia, Spain, and Italy, with their independent studies.

Moreover, these studies have made it into important scientific publications such as the British Journal of Urology.

What is even more notable is because there are actually zero studies that demonstrate dick extenders don’t work.

Now, it’d be interesting if there was a conflict in the results – while half did not reveal any half the studies revealed positive dick increase – but that just isn’t the reality of it.

All the studies demonstrated statistically significant increase.

And that is the easy reason member extenders are so popular and many men are secretly using that to get in front of their male counterparts.

Got a competitor or a friend? He is likely using a stealthy penis extender and you’re going to never know (and afterwards be left behind in the dust).

The Secret Trick to Making Penis Extenders Work Their Magic

There’s one key thing that each and every man that had a dick extender work for him, did: They used it correctly and consistently and were disciplined.

The question is, can you do the same?

Have you got precisely the same discipline?

Do you have the discipline to brush your teeth two times a day? Well, let’s forget about penis extenders for a minute.

Have you got the discipline to wake up on time to go to work every day?

If so, you simply might have what it requires to get a penis extender to work for you.

If children can wear debilitating dental braces for 3 years let’s put it this way, you need to be man sufficient to be able to use a penis extender for some months.

Otherwise, penis extenders are just not for you.

You’re better off just accepting that you’ll remain to your present size for the remainder of you life. Why put yourself through that form of work and dedication if you have never really desired a bigger penis anyways? No one will drive you – without undergoing any natural penis enlargement, most men can live an easy, regular life.

Have a surefire plan that you can rely on without fail!

What to Consider When Looking at Penis Extender Comparisons with Before and After Images

While hard numbers are the most important, it’s definitely best to see some visual effects.

We’re going to show some before after photos, but do click on the links below the photos to see the uncensored versions.

There’s an inherent problem with photographs that you may or may not have already noticed:

The problem with photos is that they are fairly simple to fake and counterfeit.

Some do this voluntarily, while for some guys, they only can not shoot an exact photo. It is really not that easy hold camera and the rule in the other to hold your dick in a single hand and get a tidy, sharp opportunity.

You can either use photoshop to manipulate the ruler that’s in the picture or you also can simply photograph your penis in various states to show a bigger difference in the before after.

However, you could be confident the photographs we’ve shown you’re 100% legit – after all, we know they work (as we demonstrated with the studies above) and we should get the truth out that they do.

censored before and after photograph demonstrating that penis extenders do operate.

Ultimately, wrapping up this subject…

So we have demonstrated that penis extenders function.

We’ve done this through a few ways:

We have mentioned scientific studies that showed statistically significant growth in every subject.

We’ve found that there are not any studies that revealed penis extenders didn’t provide increase (aka didn’t work).

We have revealed well-checked pictures of before and after pictures of dick of men which have used penis extenders.

So the proof is there.

But finally, it is your choice to take the step and go for it.

Quite honestly, you really got nothing to lose.

Pride won’t be lost by you because the above-average penis extenders are fully stealthy and hidden – so no one will ever see it.

Will you take that first step?

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