The Novel Advantages of Using the PhalloGauge Penis Extender

Penis Extender Review by Masa Ching

Holy cow another penis extender for me to review!

Quite frankly, I’m excited to review this penis extender.

Personally at the time of writing this, I think PhalloGauge is the best penis extender on the market.

That, of course, is subject to change, but I think it will be hard to beat.

No, I am not receiving a commission for this review so you know it’s fair and 100% honest.

We learn from our penis extender analysis that rod-based extenders focus on downhill stretches.

Don’t think that the PhalloGauge Model S Penis extender could do a downward stretch after seeing the images of men using it to stretch towards the side?

Well, we’re pleased to tell you that you can, in fact, stretch downwards – a crucial stretch direction that will stop you from plateauing.

What’s “plateauing”? That’s when the speed at which you achieve gains slows down to the point where it seems like you’re not gaining any longer.

By hitting your penis ligaments in varieties of ways (throwing your body something new), you can avoid plateauing.

This will keep you on a steady track to achieving gains.

This short article teach you how to do the downward stretch with the Model S penis extender unit, which will ultimately aid you in the long run by providing you a method to combat plateauing.

Why did PhalloGauge decide to build a new penis extender and how did they do it?

As you can see, the Model S Penis Extender consists of two main parts.

We’re going to talk about these two parts to get a better understanding of how all of these allows for a downward stretch and also to clear up which part we will be referencing in our instructions.

The first part is the combined part of the foam loop and elastic belt. Since the strip never separates from the foam loop, it is essentially, for all practical purposes, one part.

It is usually the part that goes around the base regarding the dick and then around the waist of the user.

We’ll call this first part the ‘Belt Part’.

The next part could be the silicone gripping wrap and mating hook. Like the first part, these two smaller parts essentially never separate from each different, so you can think of them as one big part.

The mating hook that is pinned to the end of this silicon wrap can turn along the metal fastener as an axis to accommodate different positions – say if you wanted to extend to the left instead of the correct, you could rotate the mating hook 180 degrees to mirror the original setup.

We’ll call this second part the ‘Silicone Part’.

Given that we understand these two primary parts we can proceed to learn how to use them to achieve an automated downward penis stretch that you can hold for ours without any time or effort invested on the part.

How one would go about doing the “downward stretch” with this penis extender.

Right here include steps to do a downward stretch using the Model S Penis Extender.

  1. Wrap the ‘Silicone Part’ around your upper shaft and base of glans, the exact same as when you always put on the Model S Penis Extender.
  2. Loop the foam loop for the ‘Belt Part’ around the base of your penis and point the elastic belt upwards instead of to along side it.
  3. Take Your penis to the left or right of your testicles and subsequently pull it back between your butt cheeks.
  4. Pull the belt over your thigh and connect the two mating hooks to secure the device. The hooks typically connect behind your thigh.
  5. Adjust and tighten the belt tension utilizing the Velcro strap as needed.


Generate sure to push your testicles all the way to the left or directly to provide your penis room to go backwards.

Also ensure to ensure the foam loop is pressing your testicles downwards and to the side, and not pushing them up towards your stomach.

If it’s not, some simple re-adjustment with your fingers can put the foam loop in the proper position.

See the foam loop is used more than just an anchor for the pulling force here – it helps to keep your balls pushed down.

A big problem that has plagued the industry for a while but is now fixed with PhalloGauge’s product.

Another amazing thing is that by using the Model S Penis Extender Device with this downward stretch technique, you can actually also walk and run along with it on without it slipping!

The most important thing to make sure that you do if you plan on doing this is to verify that the tension into the penis extender is very tight.

This will make sure that the hooks won’t slip out because if belt is nice and taut, it will prevent the hooks from pushing towards each other and unhooking.

Hiding and doing a downward stretch? Never thought possible before!

Believe it or perhaps not, this is literally the most hidden downward stretch that was every achieved by penis extenders.

Because most penis penis extenders (especially the rod dependent extenders) use bulky rods and hooks, they could never accomplish this sort of discreet stealth that the unit S achieves.

That’s because the Model S Penis Extender’s ‘Silicone Part’ is so compact and well created, that it’s like wearing a small sock around your penis.

Because the silicone wrap component is so thin, and the mating hook is made out of thin, yet extremely durable nylon, it is the sole penis extender allows one to pull your penis between your thigh and testicles without being uncomfortable at all!

This is why size and good design is so important for stealth. When we designed the Model S, we made stealth a large priority because it’s what the users required to succeed.

A large make-or-break factor in achieving this goal is to have the penis extender simply take up as little space as feasible when worn by the user.

Therefore, every component ended up being carefully considered by asking ourselves: “Does this part add usefulness to the design? Or is it there any excess fat that we could trim?

The result is actually exactly what you see. The key in making the Model S cock extender successful ended up being stealth through simple design.

It’s no surprise that the greatest engineering feats come from the most simple designs – decreasing the complexity is vital to engineering. All of the engineers on our team with decades of expertise in design can confirm this recurring engineering fact.

It’s no wonder why the 6 Simple Machines of the Renaissance Era have built the foundation for all mechanical engineering.

This penis extender stretch is kinda like the A-Stretch when you think about it.

The down Stretch is not something completely new.

If you’re familiar with the our guide stretching exercises guide – the exercise routines that you are able to do with your hands – you’ll notice that the downhill stretch Model S Penis Extender technique is extremely similar to the A-Stretch exercise!

Wouldn’t it be nice to complete these exercise routines without spending the time actually doing them and the effort required with your own hands, and the mental energy it takes to rely the seconds for every stretch?

Only spending in the unit S penis extender will allow you do this even as we’ve just explained how exactly to in this tutorial.

Where you can buy the PhalloGauge penis extender.

So if you want to start automating your penis stretching exercises, feel no-cost to check out this page to buy the unit S Penis extender device.

You can get it at their homepage:

Remember, it will allow you to save you from time actually invested stretching, effort from pulling on your penis with your hands, and mental effort spent having to count the seconds for each stretching repetition.

By making the entire stretching process easier, it will boost your odds of success because you’re less likely to give up!

Reviewing the PhalloSan Penis Extender Before You Buy

A Penis Extender Review By Masa Ching

The Phallosan Penis Extender: What is It?

The PhalloSan is a penis extender that consists of a few parts.

The first part grips onto your penis using a vacuum-based suction bell.

Next part is comprised of foam loop similar to the PhalloGauge Model S penis extender that circles the bottom of your penis shaft.

The past part is a buckle that links the foam loop as well as the gripping suction bell together.

Here are the Parts that Comprise the Phallosan

Ok, here are the parts  – it’s quite a long list:

  1. Foam Loop – This goes around the base of your penis, just against your own pelvis. Oahu is the point for the pulling force.
  2. White Elastic Belt – A pretty standard elastic belt that is adjustable in length, which also enables you to adjust just how hard you’re pulling on your penis.
  3. Suction Bell – A plastic chamber that holds the end of your penis (your glans, a.k.a mushroom tip) utilizing a light vacuum.
  4. Condom Sleeve – This condom sleeve will come in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large), and it is affixed to the suction bell and your upper penis shaft.
  5. Mini Vacuum Plunger – This component lives on the the surface of the suction bell and you press it to produce a sucking force inside the Suction Bell.
  6. Mating Hooks – One hook is on the end of this White Elastic Belt and connects to the other hook connected to the Suction Bell.
  7. Baby Powder – This white dust which you are able to buy from any drugstore is actually necessary to include to your penis shaft to prevent tearing (and investing in a replacing) of the condom sleeve when it is deployed.

So how do you use the bloody penis extender?

The tips to place on the PhalloSan Forte are fairly numerous, but we will go into detail here.

Before you start, make sure that there’s no hair on your own penis shaft. This will ensure it is easier to get the part known as the ‘condom sleeve’ to remain set up.

Ok, the 1st step is to put on the ‘suction bell’ and ‘condom sleeve’ combo.

When the product gets to your doorstep, a condom sleeve (usually medium) is installed on the suction bell.

If not, youare going to have to completely, but carefully, remove the one on there and replace it with the big or small condom sleeve. Remember, you are doingn’t want to accidentlly tear the condom sleeve (a spare costs about) $26.90 + $12 shipping!

Once you chose the correct condom sleeve, roll it up towards the suction bell, kind of like you’re going appropriate up you shirt sleeves.

Next, pat your penis shaft with some baby powder. It helps to get some baby powder on the condom sleeve also. Remember, you have actually to use baby powder or else you chance tearing your condom sleeve (I can speak from personal experience).

Next, with your penis flaccid, not erect, stick your penis glans (penis tip) past the now-rolled-up condom sleeve and into the suction bell beginning.

Now roll the condom sleeve right back down onto your shaft.

Next, give the ‘mini vacuum plunger’ a few pumps to push the added atmosphere out of the device. This secures your penis inside the ‘suction bell’ + ‘condom sleeve’ combo part.

Now rotate the mini cleaner plunger to the ‘lock position’ as shown regarding the suction bell.

Next, place the ‘foam loop’ across the base of one’s penis.

Subsequent, pull the buckle around your waist and connect the ‘mating hooks’ of the belt and the sucking belt collectively.

Now you’re done! You can proceed to put on your own underwear and pants and go about other activities.

The Huge Drawbacks and Disadvantages that You Absolutely Can’t Ignore

One of the greatest cons is that is that it costs $339.00 plus $25 for shipping.

Another con is the fact that the spare silicone sleeves cost $26.90 plus $12 for delivery.

Spare protector limits costs $24.90 plus $12 for shipping.

As you can clearly see, you are likely to be investing very a little bit if you determine to use a PhalloSan.

Expense put aside, let us consider a few of the user-experience disadvantages.

Major advantages that Phallosan brings to the table.

One fantastic thing about the PhalloSan is that it gives a wonderful, comfortable stretch through the entire day.

Since the stretch is to the side, you have little bit more flexibility and opportunities to wear it during the day (compared to rod-based penis extenders).

The elements look nice. The foam loop and elastic equipment tend to be particularly nice because well.

Another neat thing is that you can easily adjust the force in the belt by adjusting the buckle regarding the flexible belt. You can even change the force when you’re putting on the device.

Despite there being a few condom sleeves, this is simply not enough to fit “all” penis sizes.

One problem that some guys may have trouble with is the ability keeping their penis fixed inside the sucking bell.

That is not to mention that everybody else will have this problem, but from my personal experience, the vacuum would weaken over time while I worn the device, and eventually give.

The result is that the glans (mushroom tip) of my penis ends up inside the middle associated with the case, not the the real suction bell chamber.

The situation with this happening is actually the fact that actual force pulled on your own penis changes and you are not getting the specific pull compared to when you originally set on the device.

Eventually, wear it for long enough after your glans has slipped from the suction bell to the center of the sleeve, and your own penis will slip out of the device entirely.

Another potential issue is the sleeves may not fit you (well). Remember, they have really 3 sizes of condom sleeves (large, medium, and small). Unfortunately, the issue arises whenever the best match is actually truly in between two of these dimensions.

From the when I was initially starting out, the medium condom was too large for me personally (I kept slipping out), together with small condom was too tight (It kept choking out my penis).

Ultimately after I gained some size, I was ready to use the medium condom far more reliably.

Now once again, some guys may not enjoy this problem – a medium-sized condom may finish off becoming perfect fit, to make certain that’s only a risk that you’re going having to take.

Wanting to do a downward tunica stretch? Not possible here. Go back to the old-fashioned penis extenders!

The reason why would you want to do a downward stretch anyways?

If you tried to really have the device take downwards in your penis and tuck your dick between your legs, like in a homemade penis stretcher, you’ll run into problems.

The issue is that the suction bell is actually method also huge to match between your legs. Maybe you will get it down there between your legs, but then your butt is going to be sitting on the surface of the suction bell all day – extremely uncomfortable, I attempted it.

Additionally, this is not correct operation of the device, so not only have a tendency to be you not supposed to make use of the device like this, you can’t even do it anyways.

You cannot wear the PhalloSan in community with all sorts of pants

That is not inherently a bad thing.

In fact, there’s several jeans that you’ll wear because of the PhalloSan penis extender.

The issue starts to occur when the pants come to be tighter and more fitted. These are pants like jeans (slim, skinny), and fit pants which are are tailored to match you well.

When you try to utilize these forms of trousers with the PhalloSan, the suction bell creates a fat that is very visible through the pants. Again, not the most successful idea in the event that you plan to go outside with this particular thing on.

Nonetheless some pants that appear to utilize the PhalloSan are the looser ones. Sweat pants work nicely right here.

Urination, not a pleasant thing if you were to do it with the Phallosan.

No, the PhalloSan doesn’t influence your own system’s ability to use the bathroom, rather, it’s the tasks that are required to take of the product (before doing your business) and putting it back on (after you’ve relieved yourself).

Think of what’s going on if you are wearing the PhalloSan penis stretcher and then you definitely must employ of the toilet.

You go to the bathroom, find a nice stall to acquire some privacy, and realize you have to lose the device.

Okay, therefore you have to launch the vacuum within the suction bell. Next you need to un-roll the condom and pop the cock out of that procedure. As soon as that is done, you can put that part off to the side, say on the toilet paper dispenser. Defintely don’t desire that dropping into the toilet!

Next you need certainly to take off the equipment and foam loop. This aspect is actually actually not that bad.

Once you have got got the penis extender off and placed to the area, you may do your ‘business’.

Once finished actually using the bathroom, you can continue to put the unit back on. This requires doing the entire procedure in reverse, all over once again.

Therefore if you have difficulty obtaining PhalloSan to remain on – that is actually, if you’re one to commonly experience suction problems and slippage, then, you’re going to have a terrible time. Maybe not just once, but everytime you have actually to use the restroom!

Quite frankly, since the PhalloSan includes a long assembly process (at least 1.5 minutes, requires child powder), you’ll find the process tedious and the is certainly one of the biggest factors that causes guys to “fall off” and offer up on penis growth.

Don’t be fooled, the vacuum suction bell doesn’t make your penis bigger in any way.

This is actually the greatest misconception with the PhalloSan penis extender.

People like to believe that the prescense of the vacuum bell increases their length gains.

Nonetheless, this couldn’t be further from reality because there’s actual data exploring a rod-based stretcher and the PhalloSan extender.

Leave’s compare the results of both types of penis extenders.

One rod-based stretcher, the Sizegenetics, confirmed an average length increase of 0.7 inches over the span of 6 months.

The PhalloSan’s clinical study also reported an normal length boost of 0.7 inches over 6 months of usage.

Clearly, discover no benefit to wearing the PhalloSan if you ought to be expecting to obtain more results, or even faster effects.

Again, this all goes back to the principles of hyperplasia and penis stretching – All you will need to do is apply a extending force for long expanses of time (approx. 4-6 hours each day). Adding a vacuum bell will perhaps not change this logical reality.

So should you buy it? My final thoughts.

To conclude, the PhalloSan is a great dick stretcher to use in the event that you’re looking something to work.

However, the cost is a little hard to justify – $339 + $25 already takes one to spending $364 straight away.

You must also consider about some of the requirements that come with using this device, and consider whether it’s well worth it:

  • Need to pat your penis and the condom sleeve with baby powder each time you make use of it.
  • Extensive put-on and removing procedure (roll back condom, apply baby powder, match penis in, roll foward condom, put on belt)
  • Cannot wear in public areas with various types of pants – this may be dependent on your way of living of course.

Now, some might not consider these cons, but you should be cautious because if you see this too tedious, your PhalloSan is just heading to wind up collecting dust = $364 wasted.

If you’re looking for a cheaper (about 1/3 associated with price of a PhalloSan), more user-friendly alternative, consider checking out the PhalloGauge penis stretcher device.

The Answer to: “Do Penis Extenders Even Work?”

Written by Masa Ching

“Do penis extenders actually operate as intended??”

In this informative article we put this question to rest with both graphics and numbers.

By the end you will have little doubt that they do work and aren’t a fly-by scam.

Let us get right into it.

Well do they? The Fast, Yet Indisputable Answer.


If you truly desire to improve dick size with a penis extender, then use it correctly and you will get size.

That’s not to imply that it is a complete walk in the park.

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline.

But if you can find the discipline within yourself, you will reap the benefits, that I assure you.

Here’s the Real Proof, Easy and Simple

Most of us in the PE community would agree that you could gain .7 inches in 24 weeks when using a penis extender.

That’s pretty good, huh?

This has been analyzed and established in China, Russia, Spain, and Italy, with their independent studies.

Moreover, these studies have made it into important scientific publications such as the British Journal of Urology.

What is even more notable is because there are actually zero studies that demonstrate dick extenders don’t work.

Now, it’d be interesting if there was a conflict in the results – while half did not reveal any half the studies revealed positive dick increase – but that just isn’t the reality of it.

All the studies demonstrated statistically significant increase.

And that is the easy reason member extenders are so popular and many men are secretly using that to get in front of their male counterparts.

Got a competitor or a friend? He is likely using a stealthy penis extender and you’re going to never know (and afterwards be left behind in the dust).

The Secret Trick to Making Penis Extenders Work Their Magic

There’s one key thing that each and every man that had a dick extender work for him, did: They used it correctly and consistently and were disciplined.

The question is, can you do the same?

Have you got precisely the same discipline?

Do you have the discipline to brush your teeth two times a day? Well, let’s forget about penis extenders for a minute.

Have you got the discipline to wake up on time to go to work every day?

If so, you simply might have what it requires to get a penis extender to work for you.

If children can wear debilitating dental braces for 3 years let’s put it this way, you need to be man sufficient to be able to use a penis extender for some months.

Otherwise, penis extenders are just not for you.

You’re better off just accepting that you’ll remain to your present size for the remainder of you life. Why put yourself through that form of work and dedication if you have never really desired a bigger penis anyways? No one will drive you – without undergoing any natural penis enlargement, most men can live an easy, regular life.

Have a surefire plan that you can rely on without fail!

What to Consider When Looking at Penis Extender Comparisons with Before and After Images

While hard numbers are the most important, it’s definitely best to see some visual effects.

We’re going to show some before after photos, but do click on the links below the photos to see the uncensored versions.

There’s an inherent problem with photographs that you may or may not have already noticed:

The problem with photos is that they are fairly simple to fake and counterfeit.

Some do this voluntarily, while for some guys, they only can not shoot an exact photo. It is really not that easy hold camera and the rule in the other to hold your dick in a single hand and get a tidy, sharp opportunity.

You can either use photoshop to manipulate the ruler that’s in the picture or you also can simply photograph your penis in various states to show a bigger difference in the before after.

However, you could be confident the photographs we’ve shown you’re 100% legit – after all, we know they work (as we demonstrated with the studies above) and we should get the truth out that they do.

censored before and after photograph demonstrating that penis extenders do operate.

Ultimately, wrapping up this subject…

So we have demonstrated that penis extenders function.

We’ve done this through a few ways:

We have mentioned scientific studies that showed statistically significant growth in every subject.

We’ve found that there are not any studies that revealed penis extenders didn’t provide increase (aka didn’t work).

We have revealed well-checked pictures of before and after pictures of dick of men which have used penis extenders.

So the proof is there.

But finally, it is your choice to take the step and go for it.

Quite honestly, you really got nothing to lose.

Pride won’t be lost by you because the above-average penis extenders are fully stealthy and hidden – so no one will ever see it.

Will you take that first step?

A Thorough Review of the PeniMaster Penis Extender by Masa

Review by Masa Ching

So What Exactly is the PeniMaster Pro?

Who, what, when, and where does this device come from?

Did you know? It is distributed and manufactured from Berlin, Germany.

The PeniMaster Pro is actually a penis extender that utilizes both a vacuum and rod design to help keep the penis an the standard “traction state” to trigger cell hyperplasia and permanently increase length.

These are the steps to put on the PeniMaster Penis Extender

Unfortunately, the Penimaster is a pretty device that is complicated use.

That is that it takes to put on because it is produced out of many parts and has many actions.

Let’s understand how to put it on by using the proper parts described above.

  1. Apply the adhesion gel to the part that is actually inner of bulb.
  2. Fasten the hose to the the surface of the bulb.
  3. Stick the general head of your penis inside the bulb.
  4. Insert the sealing plug on the hose.
  5. Fasten the base part round the base of your penis shaft.
  6. Adjust the rods or install the correct rods to apply the tension that is right.
  7. Fix the bulb into the top of the rod frame.
  8. Angle the device.
  9. Or rather of using the frame that is rod-based just use the elastic belt instead.
  10. Day put your pants back on and continue together with your.


The simple fact is, most of the steps will simply take more than 30 seconds to accomplish while i laid out these steps.

This implies that it will take at minimum 2 minutes to put the device on properly. Can you do this every day? This even more time than it takes to brush your teeth every day.

The Full Experience: Wearing it on a Day-by-Day Basis

When I’m wearing it it feels pretty similar to the penis extender that is pro-extender.

It’s pretty comfortable when sitting – but when walking around it gets just a little less, but still manageable.

Then it feels just like the PhalloGauge Model S or the PhalloSan extenders if you wear it using the belt system rather of the rod-frame.

Generally, there is no pain and it gives a stretch that is great.

Some Pros of this Device

How does it work from a technical perspective?

The PeniMaster does it’s job from a purely functional perspective.

That is, it keeps your penis in the fully elongated position and there if your penis does tend to slip, it’s pretty rare.

And the aesthetics? How’s the design?

The parts which can be white really nice and tend to be definitely well made.

While most guys won’t care also much about the looks whether it stays on and works, it’s nonetheless a great touch because it will be under your pants and the primary concern is.

Some Serious Drawbacks of this Extender

The single biggest drawback (for me) is the need to use an adhesion gel with the light bulb.

For some this may become a offer killer.

(At least for me anyway, and I know I’m a lot like you other guys…)

Let me explain.

You need to take the gel everywhere you go and make every effort to bring it.

Since the adhesion serum is literally a requirement to make use of this penis extender, you must carry a tube of that gel everywhere you go and everywhere you might imagine on that is putting taking off the device.

Say you forget it one day when you go to work – well, when this occurs, you’ve quite much lost out for a whole day’s penis extender usage – and we all know how time that is much takes to get results.

I mean you could go home and fetch the gel, but for some to go mostly the real way home and back to work/play/meeting/etc. it’s pretty much not possible.

Also, the usage that is gel adds on time that it requires to put on the penis stretcher.

You have to squirt it in the bulb, rub it around with your finger, close the tube that is gel then finally fit your penis tip in to the light bulb.

Each time to do these measures – even more when I was in an inconvenient environement on avergae, it took myself about 2 minutes.

You also have to wash your finger when you’re done applying the gel.

Or, you can wipe it on your pants – but, i favor to keep my clothes clean.

Why is usability absolutely critical to me, Masa?

Because it matters.

It’s the difference between results and failure.

If the device is not user-friendly, it becomes a hassle to simply use and you shelf it. The end result? No gains and wasted cash.

The way that is only solve this problem is to ensure it is so easy for the user to use that there’s literally no excuse not to make use of it.

Because there are many parts – there is more risk for device malfunction and breakage.

The PeniMaster is a penis extender that is fairly complex.

It comes with and some assembly is required when it arrives, there are many components that.

Not merely, that but there are threat of these right parts breaking or wearing overtime.

While this can cause troubles in the future, there are always options on their website to re-purchase replacement areas if the need arises.

These parts range from 6€ ($6.51 USD) to 69€ ($74.91 USD) depending on which part you buy. This does not consist of shipping, so expect that price to very little be described as a higher.

Being distributed and manufactured from Germany – this may pose problems on actually getting it in your hands!

This might be actually a pro for those that stay in Germany.

However, the majority of us – those probably reading this review – it is definitely a con.

There’s an extra covering of hassle that is actually associated with importing products to the United States (who pays the shipping, what parts of the shipping are covered {free on board, etc.}, making sure it will pass customs, extra price for shipping to a foreign country).

The same “dead-beaten horse”: The system that is rod-based has the same problem of bulging from the pants.

This con is not a nagging problem that is exclusive to the PeniMaster.

It’s a problem that is inherent and inescapable for all extenders that are rod-based point straight outwards.

While the angling does mitigate this dilemma, significantly, certain angles are uncomfortable to walk in, and restrict you to just sitting all the way down.

I might also mention that the number of sitting opportunities like your legs crossed for example) are impossible to do with rod-based extenders that you might have (like if you.

Try any “non-compliant” position and you’ll risk your knob slipping out of the extender.

A big struggle: Edemas on the glans

This really is an extremely risk that is actually real all penis extenders that use a bulb to try and create a vaccum seal around the penis glans (mushroom tip).

Then water starts to build up in certain areas of the glans creating a edema-like blister that looks like a bump full of fluid if the vacuum is too tight.

See all of our chapter in our penis stretcher guide to find out more about edemas.